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Next Generation Solutions For Today’s Most Pressing Home Delivery Challenges

This Whitepaper introduces flexible alternative home delivery solutions for newspaper organizations delivering daily and weekly products on inefficient routes.

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When was the last time you heard encouraging words related to home delivery?

After years of R&D, Newzware introduced a series of next-generation software enhancements and integrated them with advanced existing features that collectively focus on today’s most pressing home delivery challenges for newspapers:

  1. Longer, less profitable routes

2. Pandemic-related labor and carrier shortages

3. Escalating gas prices and rising material costs associated with supply chain issues

Newzware makes emergency migration to mail a snap!  We had a contractor get sick and need open Heart Surgery, it truly saved us in a world when the contractor didn’t have a sub, and we didn’t have any extra staff that could deliver her route.


Jason McNeely
Corporate Director of Circulation
Phillips Media

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